Features & benefits

Smart, beautiful & cost-effective. You've never seen anything quite like this before.

Tsolutions is something that has never been done before in passenger transport market - an ecosystem and all-in-one tool for operators as well as agents and terminals. We have taken our extensive experience in transport ticketing industry and turned it into a turnkey product that will fill almost every need of passenger servicing businesses.

Choose what you need

Because most of passenger transport modes use the same logistical principles, Tsolutions can be used by all of them. Be it a bus, railway or ferry operator. We are flexible and can offer you exactly the right tools for your needs. And whenever you need to expand in the future, it's as easy as A-B-C. Tsolutions is scalable for all your needs, sitting comfortably in our cloud of servers.

Always online and synchronized data

Because Tsolutions is centralized and fully integrated, you can manage all your sales channels from one cloud-based network. Every sales point can access your resources, seats, prices and operational information from one centralized sales system, so there's no need for any seat quotas or synchronization of data between different sales channels. You are always on-line and up-to-date to maximize your sales. And if you want, you can manage all the conditions and pricing agreements according to specific sales channel.

A perpetual sales tool

Tsolutions covers the whole business cycle of a passenger transport operator, so there is basically no need for other tools to successfully run your business. You receive real-time data and suggestions from all steps of the process and can take instant action, whenever needed. Use the data to enhance your marketing strategy and make better use of social media, grow your own client base and make them love your product.

Because Tsolutions is cloud-based, it's amazingly easy to implement it in your business - all you need is a computer with internet access and our cool touch-screen on-board terminal for your vehicles. No need for IT department and expensive servers. You would be up and running in  a month, yet using the most cutting-edge technology to provide outstanding service for your passengers. And all the upgrades are for free. Forever.