Full business cycle

Much more than just a software.
It's a perpetual sales tool.

1. Planning

Planning your vehicles, drivers and maintenance schedules and integrating them with your actual route network in one easy-to-use environment, gives your company a powerful efficiency boost. Any traffic disorder you have to deal with, will instantly result also in sales and operational information management. Swapping coaches or drivers is just a couple of clicks away, resulting in correct seating map and quotas in sales system.

2. Data

There is no route, no pricing scheme, no discount system that Tsolutions can't handle. Best of all — we are constantly on quest for more streamlined and effective way to handle all that data. Our system can currently handle:
  • Multiple transport modes
  • Flexible route network administration down to the exact departure
  • Zonal, distance and matrix based pricing
  • Administration of stops, regions and GPS tracking zones
  • CRM data, including clients, contracts, credit and debit levels etc
  • Multiple currencies
  • Import-export of price lists and other data
  • Flexible users & rights management

3. Deals

You can manage all the aspects of your business deals in one Tsolutions environment — be it a contract with your sales agency, special agreement with corporate customers or multi-operator ticketing scheme with your fellow operating partner. Administering of the terms you have agreed upon on, is dynamic and gives you possibilities to track your business performance through our reporting system.

4. Marketing

Tsolutions include 15 different means of building up your marketing and campaign schemes, sales strategies and discounting options. You want to make a Facebook campaign targeting students in a specific city? With our targeting-campaign code system it's easy and trackable. Family discounts, nightly rapid sales campaigns, volume- and availability-based fares, you name it. Tsolutions is your top notch airline-style sales and marketing tool and your clients will love you for it!

5. Sales

It's easy to keep up-to-date with sales progress with Tsolutions. Sales in all channels happen in real time, so you can easily react to any peaks in demand or disturbances in operations with fast and decisive actions. Tsolutions is the most effective tool to manage your sales network easily and flexibly.
Read more about our sales channels.

6. Reporting

Take control of your extensive passenger data and build your own custom reporting tools and dashboards. This is the heaven of your business analytics and performance reporting tool specially designed for passenger transportation industry. Increase your sales productivity, track your efficiency and performance of your route network and marketing strategies. It's all in your hands!